Jan 27, 2023

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Another blow for Jacob Zuma — Billy Downer is going nowhere

Former President Jacob Zuma faces prosecutor Billy Downer SC when he stands trial in Pietermaritzburg Superior Court in August.

Zuma’s request for reconsideration has Downer serve as lead prosecutor in his corruption trial was dismissed on May 20.

National Law Enforcement Agency (NPA) spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga said the NPA welcomed the Supreme Court of Appeals’ (SCA) decision to dismiss Zuma’s request.

“We will now focus to ensure the trial resumes on August 15,” he said.

Zuma turned to the SCA after the Pietermaritzburg Supreme Court entered a specific plea had denied, in which he claimed Downer “has no right to prosecution” and “should be removed as prosecutor in this case.”

He believed he should be acquitted if his motion to remove from downer successful Eich was.

The court heard that Zuma feared his right to a mass. The trial would be jeopardized because Downer was not impartial.

Downer was a witness against Zuma when the prosecution this prompted a review after the NPA declined to bring charges against the former president.

This is an example of Downer being driven by a political motive and not being impartial, said Zuma’s attorney, Attorney Dali Mpofu.

The NPA had responded that Zuma’s arguments in his particular pleading were the “same old, same old” complaints used in previous unsuccessful trials.

The state informed the court that Zuma’s plea was his final step in ending the prosecution.

In the past, Zuma’s defense team has been accused of taking a “Stalingrad approach” by filing lawsuits to stop the beginning of the corruption proceedings to delay when the state has always said it was ready to go ahead.

In 2007, Zuma’s then-counsel, Kemp J Kemp, stated in the Durban High Court: “In response to these charges, we have a Stalingrad strategy adopted. We will fight [the state] on every street, house and room.”

Since then, his team of defense attorneys, led by Zuma’s longtime attorney Michael Hulley, have taken every legal step possible to prevent that he will be prosecuted.

Zuma is accused of receiving an annual R500,000 bribe from French arms dealer Thales to protect him from an investigation into the controversial arms deal.

< p>The alleged bribery was facilitated by Zuma’s former financial advisor, Schabir Shaik.

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