Sep 21, 2021

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Approved for the R350 grant but still haven’t received your ‘cash send’ transfer? Here’s why

The SA Social Service Agency (Sassa) says there has been a delay in payment from those who have chosen the “Cash” option for the welfare recipients of R350 for emergency relief.

This is happening after many complaints from people who chose the option and did not receive their money.

In a speech on SAfm on Thursday said Sassa General Manager for Grants Operations Fanie Sethokga said the delay was due to Sassa not entering into a deal with various banking institutions.

he said that the beneficiaries can only receive their payment via the cash send option once agreements have been made with banks.

“We are ready for approval and verification, and once the contracts are in place, customers will be able to withdraw their money, “he said.

” I can in the Mome Can’t confirm if we’ll be done this week, but I think we might be able to give a correct answer sometime towards the end of next week. ”

Last week did the agency opened a system to change the grant payment method of payment.

Sassa said applicants could change their payment method, so that your money is transferred to a bank account.

The window for changing the payment method is open until the end of Friday.

” Sassa confirms that the bank account is the most convenient and quickest way to receive the grant and thus avoids queues at the post office, “it says.

” The post office pays during normal social assistance payments for old age, disability and child benefit. “

If you still want to collect your payment from the post office, you should wait for an SMS.

< p> Sassa-speaking erin Paseka Letsatsi said that applicants who contact Swiss Post without SMS would not be supported.

” If you go to a post office because your neighbor has told you he has received his text message, you will not be helped, “he said.

Post office spokesman Johan Kruger said < / span> TimesLIVE that the recipients would receive an SMS from the agency informing them of their payment details.

The Post Office also warned beneficiaries of falling for a scam that promises to get them a place in line.

In a statement to TimesLIVE < / span> that it “became aware of cases in which self-appointed queue managers asked customers visiting their branches for a fee to be at the top of the queue”.

Recipients can send their payments to Postä You can collect your money using the ID number system, which determines the payment details based on the last three digits of the beneficiary’s identity number.

Here’s how you can collect your money this month: < / span>


September 14, 21 and 28. < / p>


15. September, 22nd and 29th


16th, 23rd and 30th September.


10. and 17th September


13th, 20th and 27th September.


14, 21 and 28 September < / p>


September 15, 22 and 29.

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September 15, 23 and 30.


10. and September 17th.


September 13th, 20th and 27th .