Jan 25, 2022

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Are you planning your next break? Here’s how you can make the most of the 2022 public holidays

The holiday season is officially over for many, which means now is the best time to check your calendar for your next big vacation this year.

SAT has 12 public holidays a year Year Conditions of the Public Holidays Act. The law states that if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is also a public holiday, but if it falls on a Saturday, it lapses.

With New The day of the year has already passed and the next public holiday is Human Rights Day on March 21st, which falls on a Monday.

The best time for a long weekend

There are two long weekends between March and April, the first on Monday, March 21st and the second on Good Friday between April 15th and 18th.

Working day in May 1 is a Sunday, which offers an “additional” day off on the following Monday.

The Day of Atonement on December 16 is Friday, Christmas Day is Sunday and the Day of Goodwill is Monday .

Maximizing the Holidays During the Week

Ideally, holidays are best Mondays or Fridays, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the best get away from the humpback days during the week.

Freedom Day on April 27th falls on a Wednesday – yes, you can maximize this by taking two days off, either on the Monday and Tuesday before the Holidays or on the Thursday and Friday after the holidays.

Youth Day on June 16 falls on a Thursday – Friday free of your annual vacation for a relaxing long weekend won’t hurt, right?

The same method could be used on Women’s Day, August 9th, which falls on a Tuesday.

Heritage The day on September 24th is Saturday, which means it doesn’t count.