Sep 21, 2021

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Ballito Rage — no vax, no entry and mandatory rapid tests

Enrollments wishing to take part in this year’s Rage Festival must be vaccinated.

The organizers of Ballito Rage, G&G Productions, announced on Tuesday that they would “ safe and smart ”5 with one necessary condition – no vaccination, no entry fee.

The production company said that all attendees must provide proof of their government-approved Covid-19 vaccination card, which the Organizers will check the EVDS health passport from health through the department.

The participants must also undergo a rapid antigen test on the first, third and last day of the five-day festival.

The organizers believe that a vaccination and smart testing strategy will ensure that the festival is given the green light in accordance with applicable regulations.

“The team is working tirelessly on Ballito Rage 2021 safety, Covid-19 containment ng and operational plan. The tools available to us in 2021 to contain Covid-19 are not comparable to 2020, “said G&G Productions CEO Greg Walsh.

Last year after graduating from high school, the Event held in Ballito as a super-spreader event after nearly 1,000 cases of Covid-19 have been linked to it.

Walsh said Tuesday that organizers intended to as a Using “vehicles for a positive attitude” to change and encourage young people to do the right thing and get vaccinated. “

” All staff and participants must be fully vaccinated and all are tested regularly. With these stringent measures, we hope our young Rage fans can enjoy an amazing, safe experience with us this December. ”

He said if the national response to Covid-19 did not require the festival to meet an appropriate gathering size , sell and serve alcohol and operate or deliver for a reasonable hour, the festival will be canceled and all ticket holders will receive a 90% refund.

“Also, the organizers have changed their refund policy to make them much more flexible for attendees and allow a 90% refund if they test positive for Covid-19, even up to the day before the festival starts. We want to send a clear message: if you have Covid-19, don’t come. We’ll refund you. We’ll pick it up when you arrive anyway, so do the right thing and isolate yourself. “

He said the organizers h Last year, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) supported helping communicate with, gathering data, and ensuring that all relevant participants were isolated.

“A report issued by the NICD found that at least two People came to the festival in 2020 who recently tested positive for Covid-19 and gave the organizers false information during their daily screening. The 2021 test strategy will ensure that this is not possible. Every day the festival opens, everyone will be vaccinated and tested negative before entry. This is a first for any event in SA. “