Sep 25, 2022

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‘Barbaric!’ — SA reacts to white student allegedly urinating on black student’s belongings

A video of a white Stellenbosch University student allegedly urinating on a black student’s belongings has angered many online users, with most users calling for the offender’s expulsion from the university.

In In the now viral video , Babalo can be heard condemning Ndwayana Theuns du Toit for urinating on his desk, laptop and books.

The incident happened in a room in the Huis dormitory on Sunday Marais on campus shared by Ndwayana with a friend of Du Toit. The incident happened around 4am.

The video sparked a racial storm, with the university suspending Du Toit.

The university said a detailed investigation would determine the final outcome and expulsion or criminal charges were not excluded from the available options based on the findings.

“The student concerned is obviously still in shock after his very upsetting and painful ordeal. He is still trying to process what happened and has been offered counseling. He will be provided with support as needed to ensure his academic progress is not impacted by the incident,” said Dr. Choice Makhetha, Senior Director of Student Affairs at Stellenbosch University.

“The House Committee of the Huis Marais is committed to transformation. Our quick and decisive response to the matter at hand should demonstrate our commitment to all the people of this country. They have also called a house meeting to make sure the whole house understands the situation and what needs to be changed to prevent a similar action from happening again,” he added.

Stellenbosch of the SA Student Congress ( Sasco). The branch said anything other than deportation and possible criminal charges would be considered wrong.

“This racist offense deserves the highest punishment. If we are to be trusted that the university truly respects and protects the rights of students, especially black marginalized students, we demand that the university and all relevant authorities ensure that justice prevails,” said Sasco.

< p>EFF Xola Mehlomakulu, spokesman for the student commando, also condemned the incident.

He said that they will continue to fight for the decolonization of higher education.

Here is a glimpse into what many are saying on social media Media:

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