Jan 20, 2022

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Big business offers to help prosecutors pursue state capture culprits

Corporate SA provides the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) with additional resources for tracking the individuals and entities named in the State Conquest Investigation Report.

Cas Coovadia, CEO of Business Unity SA ( Busa) also said they would like to know how companies involved in the report are cleaning their homes.

The Board of Directors of Busa held an urgent meeting this week to review the Acting Chief Justice’s report and Investigative Chairman Raymond Zondo to discuss, and called the criminals to judicial system to ensure speedy investigations and prosecutions.

“We will take the initiatives of our members into a serious and concerted way Coordinate mechanism to provide the NPA with the necessary resources to prepare urgent cases to prosecute those identified in the report. Such resources could include private prosecutors and other relevant assistance, “said Coovadia.

” We will ask the NPA to do this. “

This comes after NPA chief Shamila Batohi said late last year that the extent and nature of the government’s fight against corruption require additional and specialized skills and capacity.

The first of Zondo’s three-phase insights focused on SAA and related companies, Gupta-owned The New Age Newspaper, the SA Revenue Service and Government Procurement.

The Board of Directors of Busa, said Coovadia, also intends to work with the companies mentioned in the report “to provide them with full disclosure of the To receive allegations and “to understand what action these companies intend to take Use serious self-assessment and need to develop a position that includes business involvement in the State Capture Saga. “