Jun 15, 2021

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Booth hitman got high, fell in a hole, went to wrong address, court hears as gangsters are sentenced

The gang boss and killers who tried to kill Cape Town’s defense attorney William Booth pleaded guilty on Friday, saying the order for the hit came from an imprisoned gang boss.

But the Cape Town Regional Court heard how the planned hit was thwarted by the incompetence of the men charged with carrying it out.

Kauthar Brown, whose home is in Woodstock, a suburb adjacent to Cape Town’s central business district, as Headquarters served because the Terrible West Siders gang facilitated the hit ordered by the imprisoned leader of the Terrible West Siders.

After the unnamed imprisoned gang leader gave the order for the hit, Brown planned it with Ebrahim Deare and Riyaad Gesant, two gang members.

Eric Ntabazalila, spokesman for the Western Cape National Law Enforcement Agency, said it had been agreed that Deare would be the killer and Brown had to provide a state witness in the commissioned case with a getaway car and was required to drop Deare and Gesant off near Booth’s Higgovale residence. Brown gave them the location.

The state witness would then pick up the duo and take them back to Woodstock after the hit was complete.

On April 6th last year while SA was said Ntabazalila , Deare and Gesant were dropped off near Booths as the police and army were stationed on all the main roads into Cape Town’s house, where they were inspecting the place for more information on how the hit was carried out – but they went to the wrong address and the mission was canceled.

“They went back near the house April 7th. That day Deare smoked Mandrax, got up and fell into a hole, injuring his leg, ”said Ntabazalila. “The killer had to be taken to Groote Schuur Hospital for treatment, which thwarted their plans.”

The duo went back the next day, April 8th, but nothing happened.

< "That evening the arrested gang leader contacted the two of them and was impatient with them because they were taking a long time to carry out the plan. They were instructed that the hit must occur the next morning, "said Ntabazalila.

Gesant instructed the state witness to take them directly to Booth’s house.

” When they drove by, Gesant drew the attention of the state witness to the house, and the state witness dropped the two of them further up the street, “said Ntabazalila.” They saw Booth as he entered his garage with his dogs. Deare had a fully loaded revolver. He ran up to Booth and fired five shots to kill him while he was in his garage. “

On April 10, State Witnesses Deare and Gesant went to Brown’s house and they paid her for the unsuccessful hit.

As part of the plea and sentencing agreement, Brown received a five-year term Imprisonment for willfully assisting and assisting a gang and five years in prison for conspiracy for murder.

However, both sentences were suspended for five years on condition that she is not convicted of similar crimes were committed during the suspension period.

According to Ntabazalila, she received an additional three years of criminal responsibility for attempted murder, a sentence that includes house arrest and 960 hours of community service.

Deare was sentenced to five years in prison for willfully supporting and facilitating the activities of a criminal gang and five years in prison for conspiracy to commit murder.

” He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for attempted murder at five years old on the condition that he is not convicted of attempted murder committed during the suspension period, “said Ntabazalila.

“He was further sentenced to six years for illegal possession of a firearm and three years for illegal possession of ammunition. ”

According to Ntabazalila, the court ordered all other sentences to be imposed at the same time as the sentence for attempted murder. His effective prison sentence is therefore 10 years.

Gesant was also sentenced to five years in prison for deliberately supporting and facilitating the activities of a criminal gang, to five years in prison for conspiracy for murder and to eight years Years for attempted murder, three years on condition that he will not be convicted of attempted murder during the suspension period.

“The court ordered that sentences be imposed for the activities of a criminal gang To support and support and the conspiracy to commit murder must run concurrently with the effective five-year prison sentence for attempted murder, “said Ntabazalila.

Attorney Nathan Adriaanse welcomed the sentence and said that gang activity in the Western Cape to flourish and become such a social pandemic.

“The attempt to strain Mr. Booth’s life was deliberate and well planned. The instruction came from a leader of the TWS gang and was addressed to a prominent member of the legal brotherhood, “Adriaanse was quoted as saying.

Police in Western Cape welcomed the conviction and praised detectives and prosecutors for their” meticulous work. ” that led to the conviction and subsequent conviction. “

” Acting Provincial Commissioner of the Western Cape, Maj. Gen. Thembisile Patekile , said the conviction will go a long way towards restoring confidence in the US criminal justice system. He applauded investigator Col Eddie Clark for a thorough investigation, “said provincial police spokesman Sgt Noloyiso Rwexana.