Sep 21, 2021

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‘Bundle’ of insurance policies fuelled policeman’s suspicion that Thembisa cop may be killing for cash

Sergeant Keshi Benneth Mabunda told the court how he was sitting in his office at the Olifantsfontein Police Station in October 2015 when he saw Constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu walking into the office next to him with a thick pile of political documents.

< p> He listened as Ndlovu asked Mabunda’s colleague to sign the policy documents that they would cash in thousands of rand after the brutal death of their lover.

“After Constable [Moraka] Pale received these policies, I called him to my office and asked about these policies. I told Pale I was investigating because I was suspicious, “Mabunda said.

He testified in the Palm Ridge Supreme Court on Wednesday when the state started its trial against Ndlovu who was charged with the murder of six of her relatives and her lover to redeem funeral and life insurance.

Mabunda explained why his suspicions were aroused.

“I know some Black people apply these guidelines [to get rich]. Even as a policewoman, I don’t have the kind of policies that she had. It wasn’t a policy. It was a bunch of policies, “added Mabunda.

TimesLIVE has since learned that Ndlovu had around 16 policies with different companies.

Mabunda only knew Ndlovu as a policeman in the same company Cluster like him. She was stationed at Thembisa South Police Station.

Ndlovu had brought the police documents to Pale because he had been used as an investigator to investigate the death of her lover, Yingwani Maurice Mabasa. Mabasa was found with knife wounds more than 80 times and his body was found meters away from the Olifantsfontein Police Station.

His wallet was not taken, which led the police to dispel suspicions that Mabasa was in one of them Heisted robbery could have been killed.

Mabunda said he immediately called Clientele to pay Ndlovu after Mabasa’s death. He gave her ID number.

“We entered her ID number and found that there were previous policies in which she had made claims on behalf of her sister Audrey. Those policies were paid out despite one There was an investigation file at Ivory Park Police Station [about Audrey’s death], “said Mabunda.

Audrey Ndlovu was killed in June 2013. She allegedly had tea with a harmful substance and then too Strangled to death. Ndlovu allegedly committed the murder himself.

Mabunda delved further into Ndlovu’s politics and then found out that another relative of Ndlovu, Witness Homu, had died in April 2012.

He left work and drove home but he never arrived. His body was found between Olifantsfontein and Garsfontein. He had sustained severe head injuries. His cell phone was found in his possession – which also defies the idea that he at one Robbery was killed.

Ndlovu had again cashed the funeral policies that were opened under Homu’s name. However, she never helped with his funeral.

Mabunda said he went back and checked the investigation into Homu’s death.

“Nothing happened on that case,” Mabunda said. < / p>

Armed with this information, he went to Ivory Park Police Station, which was investigating Audrey’s death. He changed the investigation file to murder.

“At that point, I had information, but not enough to arrest you,” said Mabunda.

The police decided to wait and move on to Ndlovu’s payouts. During this time, she also filed claims following the deaths of her nephew Brilliant Mashego – Audrey’s son – and her cousin Zanele Motha.

Brilliant was found murdered near Bushbuckridge in January 2018 and had sustained head injuries. Zanele died in June 2016 after suffering severe beatings that resulted in broken ribs and an injured liver. She was visiting Ndlovu at her home in Thembisa when she was inexplicably attacked. Brilliant had also walked away from home and said he should have met with Ndlovu when he was murdered.

The police eventually snatched Ndlovu after a hit man she had hired to kill her mother, her sister and to kill their five nieces and nephews went to their station commanders and reported them. A sting operation was set up in which an undercover cop joined the killer and his friend. They all drove to Bushbuckridge, where Ndlovu showed them where her sister and five children she wanted to kill lived.

Ndlovu was arrested that day and has been in custody ever since.

During the trial, the state cited evidence suggesting that Ndlovu went to great lengths to commit fraud to obtain life insurance policies on behalf of some of their victims.

She is alleged to be. Audrey when she opened a life insurance policy on her behalf. Ndlovu claimed to be the beneficiary of this policy.

Audio recordings from the insurance companies were analyzed by an audiologist who found that calls allegedly made by Audrey were in fact made by her sister, Ndlovu. The audiologist recorded certain ways Ndlovu spoke, including the pronunciation of the letter “r” which led him to conclude that the recordings were Ndlovu.

When it came to life insurance opened by Ndlovu’s lover, Yingwani, allegedly soliciting the help of another man to impersonate Yingwani and open the policy. Ndlovu has been listed as the sole beneficiary in the policy.

Ndlovu is facing a variety of charges including murder, attempted murder or conspiracy to murder, fraud and violation of the aims of the judiciary.

She has pleaded not guilty of the crimes.

When her lawyer had the opportunity to cross-examine Mabunda after he testified, Ndlovu suggested that Mabunda had other motives in pursuing this case.

She said Mabunda actually helped her settle the Old Mutual’s payout when he visited her house after Yingwani’s death.

Mabunda laughed at the allegations.

“She’s lying,” he told the court.