Feb 9, 2023

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Business Leadership SA applauds Zondo commission and seeks ways to boost capacity of NPA

Business Leadership SA (BLSA) is considering how it can help strengthen the capacity of the National Law Enforcement Agency (NPA) as it begins prosecuting those involved in state capture, “without jeopardizing ethical considerations”.

The independent association, whose membership includes executives from some of South Africa’s largest companies, has challenged the Zondo Commission for its years of work involving public hearings and investigations state arrests vow allegations.

“Although all commission reports have been released, this is just the beginning of the storm,” the forum said.

< p >“Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has recommended criminal charges be filed against several individuals implicated in the theft of assets from the SA population. BLSA fully stands by its recommendation. The crimes these people are accused of are serious, and holding people accountable for their actions is crucial to the country’s future well-being.

“It is important that this process be transparent to demonstrate to the public that our law enforcement agencies are carrying out their duties without fear or favor.”

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It said corruption had a high cost to business and the economy.

< p>“The BLSA is committed to supporting law enforcement processes and strengthening the NPA, and is exploring ways in which it can do so without compromising ethical considerations.”

The BLSA eagerly awaited indictments against high-level politicians and private sector leaders implicated in the rot.

Zondo also recommended structures and processes to prevent corruption to be introduced in the future.

“This is just as important as prosecuting the guilty. The BLSA also fully endorses the recommendation that executive appointments in state-owned companies should not be placed in the hands of politicians and that an independent body be established to perform this function.”

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