Nov 28, 2021

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Can I get Covid-19 from having sex?

As masking, disinfection and social distancing become the norm during the pandemic, the question remains: Can Covid-19 be sexually transmitted?

In short, there is no evidence in either case.

Covid-19 is a respiratory disease and spreads through droplets released when coughing, sneezing or exhaling the end . So direct contact with saliva through kissing can easily transmit the virus.

A study by scientists in Beijing found that There is no evidence that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluid, but the virus has been found in the semen of people who have or are recovering from the virus.

There are also no published reports of oral or anal transmission.

At the height of the pandemic last year, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam advised new couples to consider wearing a face mask and avoid kissing during sex.

Tam said that the lowest risk sexual activity during Covid-19 “only affects you “.

” Sexual health is an important part of our general health, “she said in a statement .

“However, in times of Covid-19, sex can be complicated, especially for those without an intimate partner in their household or whose sexual partner is at higher risk of contracting the virus .

“As with other activities during Covid-19 that involve physical proximity, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of contracting the virus and spreading it “Said Tam.