Jan 27, 2023

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Canada hires Eskom’s top nuclear executive & Koeberg boss heads to US for a year

Eskom’s Chief Nuclear Officer, Riedewaan Bakardien, has resigned to join a Canadian nuclear company in a senior position.

He will retire on July 31 after 27 years at Eskom.

“As the only nuclear power plant in Africa, we all helped to keep the facility safe and the best place to work. The decision to step down was not an easy decision,” Bakardien said.

Keith Featherstone, a veteran executive with more than 30 years of nuclear experience and former manager of the Koeberg power plant, will assume this position while the hiring process is ongoing , said Eskom.

The current acting general manager of Koeberg power plant, Nomawethu Mtwebana, is also traveling to North America. She has been selected by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (Wano) in Atlanta, USA to join as a “reverse borrower” for the next year.

“She will serve as a peer reviewer and the Served at various US plants during her time at Wano. Ms. Mtwebana will then bring that learning experience back to Koeberg,” said Eskom.

Mahesh Valaitham, a manager with 27 years of experience in nuclear power plants, will represent her in a deputy capacity.

Mahesh Valaitham , a manager with 27 years experience in nuclear power plants.


“We would like to reassure the people of South Africa and other guardians at Eskom that the organization has access to a senior management team sufficiently experienced and competent to continue to operate a secure and ensure smooth operation at Africa’s only nuclear power plant,” he said Jan Oberholzer, COO of Eskom.

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