May 28, 2022

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Cape Town gets Godongwana’s green light for study of commuter rail takeover

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has given Cape Town the green light for a feasibility study on the city’s takeover of the commuter rail, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said on Thursday.

In a speech to a council meeting, Hill-Lewis said , saying this is “a big deal” because the government has so far tried to block the study.

Godongwana’s letter also “fully supports our intended policy direction in favor of delegating this critical function.” .

“Minister Godongwana, on behalf of the Treasury, believes that a study of this kind is essential and should be carried out by the city.

“Furthermore, a municipality should carry out a function agreement and as long as there is sufficient capacity at local level to perform the function, of which there is no doubt.

“The minister added that the political intent is in the White Paper on Transport Policy and the draft of the The Rail Policy White Paper plans to move public transport to the lower tier.”

Hill-Lewis said a call for tenders for the feasibility study had been published and work would begin in July. “Let’s get it done asap so we can get the trains running again.”

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