Jan 20, 2022

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Cape Town mayor rejects Eskom’s request for ‘unfair’ 20.5% tariff hike

The City of Cape Town is urging Eskom to withdraw its request for a 20.5% increase in tariffs for 2022-23 as residents cannot afford the increase.

“This is totally priceless , unfair and will cause great damage to our economy and our families here in Cape Town, “Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said on the prosecutor’s Twitter account.

Any increase should be at or below the inflation rate of 5.5 % because Eskom has seen huge tariff increases in recent years and the utility should offer facilities instead of increasing prices, said Hill-Lewis.

Cape Town wants to reduce its dependence on Eskom by around 450 MW from renewable sources, Kadri Nassiep, executive director for energy and climate change, said in July.

The proposed tariff increase shows why it is important to reduce the reliance on Eskom on blackouts in the country City an end to s and bring prices down over time, Hill-Lewis said Thursday.

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