Aug 4, 2021

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CapeXit defends ‘800,000 registrations’ amid legitimacy concerns

A disinformation researcher has questioned the validity of the independent activist organization CapeXit’s claim of having nearly one million registrations in support of an independent Western Cape after he logged on to the organization’s website with a false name and ID number on Sunday registered.

“I just registered with a made up name, a made up email address, a made up phone number, and a made up ID number. That’s a hassle, “said Jean le Roux on Twitter.

” It’s about these membership numbers that [CapeXit] claims and how reliable their database is when the registration process [until yesterday] You don’t even have to bother validating the ID number you entered. There are also real questions about registering another person without their knowledge. ”

On their website, CapeXit claims that they have more than 800,000 registrations from residents who are seceding from the Western Cape request SA.

When CapeXit was asked to comment on the alleged false registrations, CapeXit stated that it had migrated its IT services to a new company in April because their old systems were “out of date” . This migration has led to “teething troubles”.

We are fully aware of this and we admit it without reservation. However, this does not affect our honesty regarding the integrity of the data of our members or their number [sic] “, said Rian Brandt, Marketing and PR Director of CapeXit.

” < span> The current system recently implemented only verifies the SA identity number. So far, numbers have been accepted that simulate an identity number but have already been updated and corrected.

“We have very skilled people who work behind the scenes to ensure that the information we collect is managed with the utmost care and accuracy.” < / p>

When testing the claim that only verified ID numbers were accepted, the website declined registration with a made-up ID number on Tuesday morning.

Up the question of whether CapeXit could reveal this With the correct number of member registrations, they stated that they could not reveal their “membership data”.

Our membership data is not up for discussion, but it will be a Audited membership report will be available as soon as we have this done by an independent body. We have nothing to hide and we don’t have anything to be ashamed of, ”said Brandt.