Oct 19, 2021

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Carl Niehaus is fuming – and he wants SA to ‘resist’ Jacob Zuma’s arrest

While many South Africans will welcome the jail sentence handed to Jacob Zuma on Tuesday, we may have to spare a thought for Carl Niehaus at this point. Msholozi’s biggest cheerleader has not taken the news well, and he issued a statement on his social media channels earlier today.

Carl Niehaus responds to Jacob Zuma’s jail sentence

The senior ANC member and MKMVA enthusiast is calling for an uprising from the people, in order to ‘resist’ the punitive measures taken against the former president. He has argued vehemently that the ConCourt verdict tramples on ‘democratic rights’, and said that the concept of jailing his 79-year-old comrade is ‘unacceptable’.

Msholozi heading for the slammer, as MKMVA mull action

It’s still not clear how the MKMVA will respond to any potential attempts to arrest Jacob Zuma, who has a five-day deadline to hand himself over. His family claims that they will ‘escort’ uBaba to Nkandla Police Station soon, but as we know with the Zumas, this is probably the best time to expect the unexpected.

In the meantime, Carl Niehaus is hoping to lead a small-scale insurgency to stop JZ being locked up for the next 15 months. He wants us all to defy a judgment handed down by the highest court in the land, telling his Twitter followers:

“The decision to imprison Jacob Zuma is a fundamental outrage. It is now the duty of all South Africans to resist this judgment. Zuma has already explained why he won’t subject himself to being a political target. We must all stand up and unequivocally reject this verdict. I will not, and cannot, accept any of them.”

“I call on my fellow ANC comrades to do the same. A man who dedicated his life to democracy must now be targeted, and humiliated by the courts. I’m calling for all peace-loving South Africans who believe in democracy and proper justice to use our democratic legal right to express our outrage at his sentence.| Carl Niehaus