Nov 28, 2021

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Cash van blown to bits in Rustenburg as bystanders loot

The police in the northwest have started a manhunt for a gang who bombed a G4S money transporter near the Rustenburg Citizens’ Center on Sunday and robbed an unknown amount of money.

National police spokesman Col Athlenda Mathe said, that the suspects allegedly used a stolen maroon Mercedes-Benz to ram the truck and bring it to a halt.

“The security guards were then forced out of the van before it was blown up .

“Shots were fired between the suspects and the escort vehicle, but no one was injured. The suspects are believed to have escaped in various vehicles, including a white Audi Q7, “she said.

In a video shared on social media, several bystanders were about to withdraw money see.

Math urged community members not to engage in looting or interfering with crime scenes.

“When a robbery is committed, the area becomes one Crime scene, and those who loot at such crime scenes often contaminate the crime scene. which constitute a crime of theft and thwart the goals of justice. ”