Nov 29, 2022

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Celebrations and ‘slight’ uncertainty in hotel industry as last of the Covid-19 restrictions lifted

The lifting of the last remaining Covid-19 regulations, including the wearing of face masks and restricted gatherings, has sparked celebration and mild confusion in the hospitality industry.

Hotel groups welcomed the lifting of restrictions, particularly on gatherings, allowing them to once again be fully occupied with events, restaurants and bars.

Michael Nel, Managing Director of Red Carnation Group, which owns the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga and The Twelve Apostles in Cape Town, said: “We welcome the news of this morning [Thursday]. The lifting of this restriction allows our restaurants, bars and venues to operate at full capacity. We were using them at 50%, which is adversely affecting our revenue.”

However, there is still some confusion about face masks among employees and the public.

” Because it is suddenly, people are a little unsure if this is real. It’s probably because it’s so new. But I’m sure people will be thrilled that they no longer have to wear their masks wherever they are,” said Nel.

Graham Wood, COO of hospitality at Sun International Group, welcomed the news .

< p>“Restrictions on gatherings, in particular, have been onerous for the gaming, hospitality, conference and events industries. The relaxation of regulations will have a positive impact on tourism and we hope to see an accelerated recovery in international leisure demand from our global source markets,” he said.

Henri-Basil Hearne, Communications Manager at Sun’s The Time Square Hotel International in Tshwane said regulars loved it.

“Some said it was the right thing to do and timely too. People are looking forward to being back at full capacity, especially in stadiums and shows,” he said.

“There still seem to be some people who will continue to wear masks. Apparently the guests are happier with the full capacity of the events than with the masks.”

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