Jan 25, 2022

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City of Cape Town confiscated almost 5,000 litres of alcohol during the festive season

The city of Cape Town confiscated 8,699 bottles of alcohol, equivalent to 5,000 liters, from public beaches and other facilities during the Christmas season.

City security, MMC JP Smith, said police officers confiscated on May 26th 2,315 bottles on December, and 1,206 bottles on New Years Day.

Smith said alcohol confiscation may have saved lives and warned not to swim under the influence of alcohol.

“The removal of alcohol by confiscation is not an easy task. Many people become riotous or refuse to cooperate.

“I would like to remind the public that every liter of alcohol seized is potentially one less person who drives or swims drunk, is involved in a fight or accident, or injures someone otherwise, “he said.

Smith said the rainy weather in Cape Town on New Years Day may have contributed to fewer alcohol bottles being confiscated as fewer people were out.

I think New Years Day weather was the biggest factor as our beaches weren’t nearly as crowded as they otherwise could have been. Or maybe the penny is finally going down and some people are are beginning to realize that alcohol is best kept at home. One can only hope, “said Smith.

During the 2019/2020 Christmas season, the most confiscated bottles were 9,605 bottles .

During the lockdown in 2020/2021, the number significantly reduced to 1,658.

The province is experiencing a strong attitude towards alcohol.

Last month, Police Minister Bheki Cele destroyed 20,000 liters of alcohol that had been confiscated from illegal facilities in the province.

Wine, spirits and beer were washed away by the minister in the presence of the provincial police and city officials.

“The destroyed liquor was traded illegally. This has nothing to do with the legal shebeens, taverns and outlets. We will not allow people to trade in alcohol illegally, “said the minister.