Sep 20, 2021

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City of Cape Town issues warning against illegal events

The city of Cape Town warned on Sunday that it would step up its crackdown on illegal events in the coming weeks.

The city said its events department had identified 49 planned “illegal events” in the past five months. through social media and notices leading to the arrest of some event organizers.

The event approval authority had issued a series of written warnings to event organizers, resulting in eight of them filing applications for permits, while five others chose to Cancel planned events.

“During a site visit to a Salt River venue in June, it was discovered that an organizer was holding an event without authorization. He was arrested and fined R3,500 for violating the provisions of the Disaster Management Act and the Spirits Act for the sale of unlicensed alcohol, ”a city statement said.

“In March, another organizer was fined R4,000 for staging an illegal event in the CBD and violating several laws, including the Spirits Act by serving alcohol without a license.”

JP Smith, member of the mayors’ security committee, said the event approval board received constant complaints about illegal events and it was important to step up enforcement action against them.

“It is now that we are away from the pandemic want to recover, it is especially important to stop these potential super-spreader events that do not comply with regulations to protect customers, ”said Smit h.

“Another problem with these illegal events is that they take place under cover of darkness without recognized legal measures, they are off the ground for other illegal activities such as drugs, violence and sexual assault.

The city’s events department has protocols for hosting safe events during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The protocol document is available on the city’s website. The logs apply to all levels of the national disaster state.

“The Events Department urges the public to report any events they suspect are illegal or illicit because they pose a threat to you and Representing loved ones, ”the city said.

Residents can report illegal events by emailing [email protected] or by calling 021 417 4035 with the city council for event permits.