Feb 7, 2023

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City of Cape Town sees spike in theft of water meters, offers reward for info

The City of Cape Town says it is seeing an increase in stolen water meters in several suburbs.

Steenberg, Retreat, Grassy Park, Strand, Athlone, Woodstock, Ottery, Bellville South, Lentegeur, Manenberg and Belgravia are some of the areas that saw a spike in stolen meters between July 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022.

In a statement on Sunday, the city said there had been a notable spike in stolen Water meters reported citywide in the last eight months.

“This is an increase of 1,143 stolen water meters over a shorter period of time compared to the previous fiscal year’s numbers. Residents are encouraged to report stolen water meters as soon as possible so they can be replaced to avoid wasting water and reduce household inconvenience,” said Zahid Badroodien, Mayor’s Committee on Water and Sanitation.

< p>“We cannot condone the theft of critical infrastructure. We ask that residents remain vigilant and report these incidents so they can be investigated to take action against this reckless, inconsiderate behavior that is affecting residents.

“Theft of a water meter from a property causes great inconvenience to the affected household, since it does not have a water supply until the meter is replaced. When such incidents occur, the city strives to replace these stolen meters in the shortest possible time. Also, the money spent replacing the meters could have been used elsewhere.”

A reward of up to R5,000 will be offered to any resident who reports incidents or information related to water theft and vandalism and sanitation infrastructure leading to a successful arrest or recovery of stolen equipment.

Residents can report to any of the city’s security agencies such as law enforcement and subway police by calling 107 from a landline or Call 112 from your cell phone and ask for the city’s public emergency call center. Both numbers are toll-free options, the city said.

The city will no longer install brass water meters and will only install plastic water meters due to the scrap value of brass water meters.

The city will install no more brass water meters.


“Brass water meters are being targeted and it will be some time before all meters are replaced with plastic ones. The cost for the city to replace a stolen/damaged 15mm water meter is R3,260.60 while the cost for a stolen/damaged 20mm water meter is R3,744.60,” said Badroodien.

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