Jan 27, 2023

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City of Cape Town unblocking water drainage systems to prevent floods in upcoming rainy season

The City of Cape Town is launching flood prevention initiatives that include releasing stormwater drainage systems in preparation for the upcoming rainy season. R48 million has been allocated for the initiative.

The city said it is working hard to ensure the impact of rainy weather on residents and their areas is reduced this winter.

In a statement issued Sunday, the city said it had developed an area cleaning program specifically aimed at flood control during the upcoming wet weather. June is the wettest month in Cape Town on average.

Member of the Mayor’s Waste Management Committee, Grant Twigg, reminded residents that their rubbish and landfills are clogging stormwater infrastructure and Roads and residential areas can cause flooding.

“Certain types of waste, such as Some cleaning chemicals, for example, can also increase the risk of fire if not properly disposed of. For these reasons, we urge residents to find out about collection services and drop-off points in their area and to properly dispose of general waste and potential fire hazards,” Twigg said.

The city also said about 48 Million rand have been made available to carry out targeted interventions in areas where clogging in stormwater drains, manholes and septic tanks is prevalent.

The additional budget will allow for additional street sweeping and illegal waste removal dumping and mechanical washing and sweeping streets where necessary.

As part of the city’s plans, recruitment opportunities have been created for the Enhanced Public Works Program (EPWP) to assist permanent staff in carrying out this work.

The city stated that the short-term job opportunities are now available, and the municipal waste Directorate of Economics encourages unemployed residents to register their names in Sub-Council database to be eligible for benefits We’re helping the city weather the winter.

“Recruiting for these job opportunities has been a challenge, and in the past it was only possible to fill about 60% of the available positions, mainly due to a lack of applicants being registered in different areas of the city,” the statement said.

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