Jan 31, 2023

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City of Tshwane warns of tender scam to fleece companies

The city of Tshwane is warning the public of a fake tender for the appointment of a contractor to supply and deliver drilling equipment.

The tender, which has been circulating on social media and various other platforms, calls for companies to submit bids for “API Three Cones Bits 298”, a drilling tool commonly used in mining or digging.

“We urge companies to ignore the invitation as this is a scam . The aim of this scam is to defraud or swindle potential service providers out of their hard-earned funds,” city spokesman Selby Bokaba said in a statement Sunday.

The city said the bogus request is supposed to be an official invitation from the city’s supply chain management offices, urging potential service providers to send their bids to the wrong email address: [email protected].< /p>

“Additionally, it gives a false contact number for queries, which is 012 516 0010/0030.”

The city said all of its landline numbers begin with 358 after the area code.< /p>

She warned that those who peddle these false communications will be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

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