Dec 4, 2022

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Cogta denies meddling in KZN’s traditional leadership disputes

The Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) has denied claims that it is meddling in traditional leadership disputes.

This follows claims by the IFP on Wednesday that the department is meddling in traditional leadership have institutions and partisanship in succession disputes.

“His behavior is out of control and inappropriate. Getting involved and taking sides in traditional leadership disputes has become the norm for Cogta’s KZN division. By doing so, the government is increasing tensions between the Amakhosi families,” the IFP said in a statement.

The party said Cogta MEC Sipho Hlomuka indicated that he would oppose the Pietermaritzburg Supreme Court decision will return in April to reinstate Inkosi Sikhosiphi Mdluli as Chief of KwaNyavu.

“It is unfortunate that those Amakhosi who, for financial reasons, cannot afford to take the government to court are being replaced by a government that has the financial capacity to fight litigation.”

In response to questions from TimesLIVE on Thursday, Cogta denied the allegations.

Senzelwe Mzileni, Cogta spokeswoman, said said the IFP’s allegations are unfounded and the department does not take them lightly.

He said the department does not interfere in leadership disputes, only fulfilling its constitutional mandate e fullness to support traditional leadership institutions. It said the final decisions rested with the family.

“When disputes arise within the royal family, the Ministry makes various attempts at mediation, but at the end of the day it is the prerogative of the royal family to resolve it Clarify who is qualified under customs and customary law whenever a vacancy arises. The government’s role is to respect the family’s decision,” he said.

Mzileni acknowledged that there are cases that end up in court. However, he denied that they had unlimited resources. He said the department only joins court cases when they are cited by parties.

“The department provides tools to traditional councils and Amakhosi whenever the budget is available. This is consistent with the way government works across programs and departments. The budget allocated to the department is not unlimited and must be sufficient for all programmes,” he said.

“The department will continue to support the institution of traditional leadership and will not be silenced by unfounded allegations by the IFP. “

Mzileni did not immediately respond to questions about whether MEC Hlomuka opposed the Pietermaritzburg Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate Inkosi Mdluli.

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