Sep 21, 2021

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Conrad Koch weighs in on DA’s JP Smith ‘joking’ about Abongile Nzelenzele’s name

Conrad Koch, the voice of the controversial puppet Chester Missing, commented on JP Smith’s “jokes” from the prosecutor who “joke” about Abongile Nzelenzele’s name.

This week Smith came under fire on social media after trying to make a “joke” on the name of Cape Talk radio host Nzelenzele, in which he said that “too many vowels are too awkwardly placed in it.” “Be.

He said Nzelenzele needed a” short, compact one like me, Smith “.

Smith told the other TimesLIVE that there was no malicious intent behind the joke. He said he was aware of the video snippet that is making the rounds on social media and the “humorous” comments on it.

Regarding the matter, Koch said the joke”. wasn’t funny.

He claimed that making certain names normal and others abnormal was “a norm for English speakers, it is a product of colonialism and says who is welcome in a place”.

“You have never met anyone named Karen who says, ‘My name is Karen, but you can call me Sinqobile because Sinqobile is easier to say,'” said Koch.

He claimed the root of Smith, who made fun of Nzelenzele’s name, was the denial of apartheid.

“If we were to take the effects of apartheid on black South Africans seriously, we would consider them much less” funny “or even conceivable,” he said < / p>


Check out the video below:

Other people influencing the debate included former prosecutor politicians Phumzile Van Damme and Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Here is a snapshot of what they and others had to say about the moment: