Dec 9, 2021

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Costly outcome of power outage for resident after Joburg substation blaze

City Power is looking for alternatives to the recovery of some of the suburbs affected by the fire on Monday evening in the Robertsham substation in the south of Johannesburg .

Recovery is a process in which electrical energy is fed into The local electricity grid is fed in, where it flows in the opposite direction to its normal flow.

The fire caused significant damage to the substation infrastructure, including the two main transformers.

Multiple areas in the south, until repairs and replacements are complete.


Albert Wilkins, who lives in Robertsham, said the outage meant he and his fiancée were going to a restaurant or coffee shop would have to go to work.

Both he and his partner, who is employed by a construction supplier in Johannesburg, work in a café.

” The power went out last night at 8 p.m. We have to charge laptops and cell phones, but working in a restaurant is expensive.

“I’m also worried about the food in the fridge. People tell me it could take days take until we get back, so we have to buy food every day – more expensive than doing it at home, ”he said.

The substation fire occurred the day after the cancellation of a planned outage, but City Power believes this is unrelated.

City Power said the planned outages are performing maintenance on the system, which happens regularly in substations The Robertsham substation falls under Region F of the city, which had maintenance plans for Sunday.

City Power spokesman Isaac Mangena said the Robertsham substation is one of several due to routine maintenance that was planned for a few weeks. “But due to the load shedding, we were forced to a l to move everything after the load shedding. It has been postponed to an undisclosed date.

“I don’t think the fire has anything to do with the maintenance postponed by a week. We’re doing a root cause analysis as part of the investigation,” said er.

The affected areas include:

  • Robertsham;
  • Booysens;
  • Booysens Reserve;
  • < li> Crown Gardens;

  • Ridgeway;
  • Part of Mondeor;
  • Gillview;
  • Glenanda North;
  • Ophirton;
  • Evans Park;
  • Ormonde;
  • Winchester Hills;
  • Southdale;
  • Aeroton;
  • Nasrec; and
  • Chrisville

Mangena said the company would update customers on developments during the day.