Dec 7, 2022

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Could blood plasma from those who recovered from Covid-19 help others with weakened immune systems?

A clinical trial in the UK is investigating whether people with exceptionally high levels of Covid-19 antibodies, through infection and vaccination, can help those most vulnerable to the virus.

The NHS says there is hope that Blood transfusions from these “super donors” will help immunocompromised people.

A small test study at the beginning of the pandemic found five seriously ill Covid-19 patients who were given plasma with antibodies improved their condition. However, the authors emphasized the need for a full study and further studies on this topic.

“In this preliminary uncontrolled case, five critically ill patients with Covid-19 and acute respiratory distress Syndrome, the administration of convalescent plasma with neutralizing antibodies was followed by an improvement in the clinical condition of the patients. The limited sample size and study design preclude a definitive statement on the potential efficacy of this treatment, and these observations need to be evaluated in clinical trials.”

A study, and then a study later, found blood from these those who have recovered from Covid-19 have not helped at all.

“We are confident that convalescent plasma has no use in treating people with moderate to severe Covid-19,” it reads in the study.

However, another study looking at people with abnormally high antibodies gave enough hope that it should be re-examined.

More than a Dozen hospitals across the country The UK will take part in the study.

“It could be of particular benefit in developing countries where access to more expensive treatments is limited,” said Prof Lise Estcourt , Head of NHS Blood and Transplants Clinical Trials Unit and Chair of the new study.