Jul 28, 2021

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Court hears ‘fantastical web of lies’ in ‘underworld plot to kill top cop’

Amaal Jantjies was so desperate to free her imprisoned lover that she was ready to use her underworld connections to help the Anti-Gang Police Unit (AGU).

But than she refused, she turned to alleged underworld chief Nafiz Modack for help.

Jantjies and two co-defendants face five charges of murder conspiracy and two charges of violating the Organized Crime Prevention Act because of their alleged allegiance and working with the Junkie Funky Kids gang, conspiracy to possess and acquire explosives, and illegally trade and possess firearms.

The state alleged during their trial on Friday that they were using Modack in return for their help would have to help plan a number of attempted hits against AGU commander Lt. Col. Charl Kinnear. (Kinnear was finally shot and killed in his car in front of his Bishop Lavis’ home on September 18, 2020.)

During a grueling cross-examination of her evidence as a boss – conducted as part of her bail application in the Parov Region Court early this year – Jantjies said the grenade plan was hatched by the AGU and its boss, Lieutenant General André Lincoln, in an ingenious ploy to catch Modack and eventually kill Lazarus to untangle what he put before the court was a fantastic web of Lies and misdirections.

Jantjies soon proved she was not a friend of the state, and tested the court’s patience by answering questions about WhatsApp messages between their phones and Modack’s numbers with questioning and pointing. < / p>

At first she said she didn’t know Modack and had never met him. But it soon became clear that she had been in regular contact with him since November 5, 2019.

She would admit receiving a BMW from Modack via another party and a second phone.

The state claimed that it received EFT payments to corrupt several members of the AGU. In response to this claim, she replied, “To honestly tell the court that this entity is corrupt.”

The judge found that she was unwilling to answer the question.

She said not to be the only person using the second phone and said that AGU members who sent her to corruption also used it to speak to Modack and solicit payments.

The state claimed the consideration would be if these AGU members gave Modack information about when the unit was planning to raid his premises.

Lazarus poked holes in it too, saying that she had never met Modack in person when he played a voice note saying she would meet him to play a replay of a meeting between her and an AGU member.

Your relationship with AGU members would culminate in a meeting at their base in Cape Town.

Jantjies said this is where Lincoln proposed a plan where she and Janick Adonis jointly stage a fake grenade attack on Kinnear’s house to gain Modack’s trust that we could give the unit its location According to her, a raid would then take place at Modack and he would be killed, allegedly for reaching for an AGU firearm and being killed in a fight.

But Lazarus told the court that Lincoln had asked to testify and in his version, when Jantjies was approached with the fake grenade plot, he told her that the unit was not authorized to do so and it was too risky to even think about.

Jantjies also said, she used her contacts to buy firearms and explosives with money given to her by AGU members. One of those contacts was a person named Angelo Yusie.

WhatsApp recordings showed Yusie asking on November 19, 2019 to be informed when no one would be home at an address so that it could run on gasoline could be bombed. Jantjies admitted to being Kinnears’ home.

“He informs you that there are two double-cabin bakkies in front of the house. He needs time to bombard the Bakkie with gasoline, “said Lazarus.

Jantjies replied,” The plan was to bombard the house with gasoline. It was an order from Lincoln. “

The state claimed she then selected someone else to target the house, who sent her a video of Kinnear’s house showing police cars outside.

WhatsApp- Records show that she sent a message to Modack saying, “There are a lot of police cars, but don’t worry, he will.”

“Then ask Modack for a hand grenade so you can throw it.” would be better, “said Lazarus, quoting her WhatsApp recordings.

” Part of the plan! To arrest the man [Modack], “she exclaimed in court.

” Then he’ll send you Moosa’s name, he’ll do it for R15,000. They say you only have 10,000 R, “he told Lazarus.

Jantjies stated that she used some money to buy firearms and that an AGU captain gave her money to buy firearms as well

The judge was just as perplexed by the allegations in Jantjies’ rebuttals as people in the gallery and he asked, “The money came from the police?” said that Jantjies lied and that the money came from a Modack employee.

On another WhatsApp, she told a suspected killer that she would wait by a window to hear when the shots were fired .

Lazarus ‘cross-examination of Jantjies’ affidavit was to prevent her from being released on bail.

You, Adonis and Farez Smith are in a case where they face numerous charges, charged collectively.

Lazarus said the evidence he cited showed that Jantjies was a dangerous person and a “cold blooded” ed killer who, if released, would have the means to harm witnesses in the case against her.

She said the court should decide whether she was a cold-blooded murderer.

The case has been postponed until May 11th for further hearing.