Oct 23, 2021

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Court hears recording of ‘cover up’ after death of teen Nathaniel Julies

The Johannesburg Supreme Court heard on Wednesday how Const Caylene Whiteboy allegedly planned what to tell authorities after the shooting of teenage boy Nathaniel Julies in Eldorado Park.

Whiteboy, Sgt Simon Ndyalvane and Sgt Vorster Netshiongolo are charged in August 2020 in connection with the murder of the 16-year-old who lived with Down syndrome.

Whiteboy and Ndyalvane were charged with the murder of Julies. Ndyalvane and Netshiongolo are also charged with illicit ammunition possession. All defendants face disregard charges, while Netshiongolo faces perjury charges. They pleaded not guilty to any count.

A picture was taken by then-student constable Mandla Dumisane Sithole on his cell phone after he allegedly shot Julies by Whiteboy in an apartment block in Eldorado Park.

Sithole had testified of having been a passenger in the police vehicle on the day of the shooting. Three other police officers, including Whiteboy, were passengers.

Defense refused to play the recording, but Judge Ramarumo Monama ruled that she should be heard.

Ndyalvane had asked to be in To be left calm at the hospital, where he said other colleagues would pick him up.

On the recording, partially inaudible, Whiteboy was reportedly overheard discussing the story to be told about the shooting .

Sithole testified that the story Whiteboy said was to be told that the police received information about a truck in Eldorado Park with stolen car parts “that we wanted to check it out and when we arrived , there was a shootout between gang members. ”

The state asked Sithole if Whiteboy was the one who invented this version. Sithole said yes. “Since we were in the car, it was she who told us. This story is from Defendant 1 [Whiteboy] “.

The tape allegedly heard another passenger, a Const Gosing, saying that he would assist Whiteboy with the testimony and that she shouldn’t worry.

Whiteboy was heard asking if the Independent Police Investigative Directorate had been called. She was also asked, “I’m being arrested, ne ?”.

Sithole, Gosing, a Const Visagie and their colleagues in the vehicle all answered “No”.

The process will continue on Thursday with a cross-examination of Sithole.