Nov 28, 2021

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Court rolls bulging after July unrest, says justice minister

The courts had their hands full after suspected looters were arrested during the July riots in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Attorney General Ronald Lamola has announced that 36 courts have “considered 873 cases Episode “negotiated civil unrest”.

Lamola responded to a parliamentary question from IFP MP Prof in the Constitution. ”

He also asked:“ With regard to the protection of property rights In the case of the seizure of allegedly stolen property, what security measures have been taken by his (Lamola) department to ensure that courts give access to persons who have had their legal property stripped, where they could have the opportunity to ensure that their legal rights have their property upheld by a court? ”

Lamola said the rights of the defendants were upheld.

” During the riots in KwaZulu-Natal and Gaut deu, the Bill of Rights was passed adhered to. The judges in which the civil unrest emerged managed to handle all matters brought to court in accordance with the constitution, “replied Lamola.

Durban and its” subsidiary courts “heard 256 related cases with the riot, while Verulam and the surrounding courts have heard 100 cases, Lamola said. He said a steering committee consisting of police, Legal Aid SA and prosecutors had been set up “to ensure all cases processed promptly and in compliance with the draft law. “Constitutional rights.”

“There were no records of property seizures discussed by the integrated riot monitoring task team has been set up, “said Lamola.

” This does not rule out the possibility that, if such information could have been reported to various police departments, the matter could be placed on the agenda of the in Integrated task team is set up, and in the event it shows up during the confiscated property riot, an appropriate resolution will be discussed by the relevant law enforcement agencies. ”