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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | 6,762 new cases recorded in SA in the past 24 hours

13. January 2022 – 9:20 am

Omicron a “welcome” option, says Bolsonaro amid the rise

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro said, the strain of Omicron, which is leading to an increase in Covid-19 cases domestically and internationally, could be described as a “vaccine virus” and is a “welcome” variant.

“Some hardworking and serious people – and not affiliated with pharmaceutical companies – say that Omicron is welcome and can indeed signal the end of the pandemic, “Bolsonaro said in an interview with Gazeta Brasil’s website on Wednesday.

13. January 2022 – 7:20 am

Japan’s Osaka Prefecture with around 2,400 new coronavirus cases, says the governor -media

Japan’s western Osaka Prefecture expects around 2,400 new ones on Thursday Coronavirus cases, local media quoted their Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura as saying.

There were 1,711 cases in the prefecture on Wednesday.

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13. January 2022 – 07:08

Western Cape and Gauteng lead recent increase in Covid-19 infections

The data show 181 deaths related to Covid-19 and 6,762 new infections registered in the last 24-hour reporting period.

The majority of new cases reported on Wednesday evening came from the Western Cape (28%), followed by Gauteng ( 22%), said the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

13. January 2022 – 07:03

Can the Covid-19 vaccine cause throat cancer?

The public health department has once again made public to report adverse events after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

This comes after a video clip of a man who appears to have throat cancer was posted on social media and said: it was caused by a Covid-19 vaccination.

13. January 2022 – 06:30

Covid-19 sick leave cost the state R14 billion, says Ayanda Dlodlo

Between March 28, 2020 and October 31, 2021, 881,152 employees took normal sick and incapacity leave

13. January 2022 – 06:18

The “condom approach” should apply to Covid-19 vaccines: Julius Malema

people have been instructed To use condoms to protect themselves from HIV / AIDS, but many never heeded the call and were not excluded from anything in society.

The same should apply to people who oppose a Covid-19 Vaccination decide.

That is what EFF boss Julius Malema said during a conversation with the media on wide-ranging issues in Kagiso, on the West Rim, on Wednesday.

Malema’s comments come after various universities how the University of Johannesburg (UJ) introduced a mandatory vaccination as a guideline for all prospective students this year.

13. January 2022 – 06:00

JONATHAN JANSEN | Hey Angie, get these kids to school fully and safely

Stop rotation training, make sure people are vaccinated and masked, and that all schools are equipped with PPE are