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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | 7 Covid-19 deaths reported in SA in 24 hours

20. November 2021 – 9:17 am

20. November 2021 – 11:20 am

Vietnam’s holiday island welcomes the first tourists in almost 2 years

Two hundred vaccinated foreign tourists arrived on Vietnam’s beach-lined island of Phu Quoc on Saturday, the country’s first wave of visitors for almost two years to revive its pandemic-ravaged tourism economy.

Vietnam imposed strict border controls at the beginning of the pandemic to keep Covid-19 out, with initial success, but that hurt its burgeoning tourism sector, which is usually around 10% of the gross domestic product.

According to the authorities, vaccinated tourists no longer have to undergo an obligatory two-week quarantine, but are only allowed to enjoy their vacation within the mega-complex resort Vinpearl and are tested twice during their trip.

“This is the first and crucial step in order to revitalize our tourism sector and to be able to fully resume next th year to prepare, “said Nguyen Trung. Khanh, chairman of the country’s tourism administration, said in a statement.

“We want to offer tourists a new experience amid a new normal that they can live fully in Phu Quoc and then fully in Vietnam,” added Khanh Add.

The island’s authorities expect 400,000 domestic and international tourists by the end of this year.

Other Vietnamese travel destinations such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An and Danang Beach are also welcome international ones Tourists are returning.

The move follows similar strides to neighboring Thailand, which hosted vaccinated foreign tourists for quarantine-free vacations earlier this month.

Foreign arrivals to Vietnam fell from 18 million a year In 2019, when tourism revenue was $ 31 billion, or nearly 12% of its gross domestic product, up from 3.8 million last year.

Vietnam, which is more than half of its 98 million egg nwohner is aiming to resume international commercial flights from January next year and look forward to a full tour reopening from June.


20th November 2021 – 9:30 am

Singapore relaxes the tight social restrictions of Covid-19 by Monday

Singapore’s government is easing some of the tight social restrictions that are used to curb the spread of Covid-19 was imposed after infections in the city-state stabilized last month.

As of Monday, restrictions on social interactions and restaurants will be reduced to five people from the current rule of up to two vaccinated people, government ministers announced at a press conference on Saturday.

They said that the overall infection rate and the hospital situation have largely stabilized and improved.

“We are now approaching a life with Covid-19.” Minister of Commerce and Industry Gan Kim Yong told reporters. “I know that many or some prefer to open up faster, but we have to do this very carefully and step by step.

“That means we will loosen some measures, observe, monitor and make sure the situation is still under control and stabilized before we relax further,” he said.

Singapore’s daily Covid -19 cases have fallen below 3,000 on average. About 85% of the island nation’s 5.45 million people were vaccinated.

The number of infections fell on Friday from a record number of 5,324 daily to 1,734 cases at the end of October.

Business events in Singapore are already recovering.

Singapore has top executives from large global companies at a variety of conferences this week, the Mark the gradual return to normal and underline the contrast to long-time rival Hong Kong, which adheres to some of the strictest quarantine rules in the world.

Despite everything, compared to Europe, Great Britain and the USA are still strict Covid-19 restrictions in Singapore, including the mask requirement in public.

“The week-to-week ratio of community cases has been around last week 0.8 to 1.0 remained stable, “the Ministry of Health said in a statement on Saturday tag.


20. November 2021 – 9:17 am

Rotterdam mayor criticizes violent Covid 19 protests, numerous arrests

On Saturday, the mayor of Rotterdam condemned “an orgy of violence” during protests against Covid -19 measures in the Dutch port city, in which seven people were wounded and more than 20 arrested.

Crowds of several hundred rioters set fire to cars during the protests on Friday evening Fireworks and threw stones at the police. The police responded with warning shots and water cannons.

“The police were forced to draw their weapons and even fire direct shots,” said Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb at a press conference early on Saturday.

When asked to characterize the event, Aboutaleb said it was “an orgy of violence, there is no other way to describe it.”

Authorities said they had arrested more than 20 people and expected to arrest more as the city center, where the rioting took place, is heavily monitored by security cameras.

Protesters had gathered to speak out against the government’s plans to restrict access to indoor spaces to those who have a “corona passport” showing that they have been vaccinated or are recovering from an infection have.

The pass is also available for people who are not vaccinated he had a negative test.

Last weekend, the Netherlands reintroduced some blocking measures for an initial period of three weeks in order to slow down a flare-up of the coronavirus infection, but daily Infections have remained at their highest levels since the pandemic began.

Authorities reported a record of more than 23,000 new cases on Thursday, well above the previous daily high of 13,000 in December 2020 reached.