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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Dutch scream and smash to vent Covid rage

08. January 2022 – 14:38

The Austrian Chancellor says he has no Covid 19 symptoms and is “fine”

Chancellor Karl Nehammer said on Saturday he was fine and had no Covid-19 symptoms after testing positive for the coronavirus this week and vowed to do everything possible to prevent another nationwide lockdown.

Nehammer, a conservative who has received three vaccinations. Since testing positive, he has been doing official business from home via video and telephone conference.

“Thanks to the vaccination, I’m fine, thank God” he said in an interview with Austrian radio. “I have no symptoms.”

“The studies show that three doses of the Omicron vaccine offer special protection. That is also my experience, “said Nehammer, who will not be attending any public events in the next few days.

08. January 2022 – 2:00 p.m.

Hong Kong faces the worst of both worlds as Omicron destroys Covid Zero

Hong Kong is at a turning point for Covid -19. The once living gateway to China sacrificed its status as an international hub for “Covid Zero,” its strategy of eliminating the virus by isolating itself from a world full of pathogens. It worked for almost a year, ensuring the safety and extensive freedom of the residents, while increasing the tempting possibility of reopening the border with China, the city’s economic lifeblood.

Now it’s the worst of both Worlds, after a pair of imported infections from the highly transmissible Omicron variant, spread in the underinoculated city, triggering new containments. Residents can no longer go to the gym or the movies, and the once ubiquitous banquets where people gathered to celebrate Chinese New Year have been canceled for another year.

Also, the sense of security, that came from has gone virus-free, as are numerous expatriates who have returned to their home countries for vacation and are now unable to return due to flight bans in eight locations, including the US and the UK, with people with grounded residents who are more Spending in the city will also take a hit as the inland curbs roll up.

“It feels like we haven’t made any progress in the last two years,” said Christopher Mark , Co-founder of of Black Sheep Restaurants, a high-end hosting group that serves everything from traditional Chinese dishes to Argentinian steaks. He anticipates 60 to 70% of his business will go away, a déjà vu moment that takes him back to the early days of the pandemic when Covid-19 was a new and mysterious disease. Two years later, it is a familiar enemy as most of the world has got used to living with the virus.

But Hong Kong, once known as the most globalized city in Asia, has a zero Tolerance strategy remained aligned with mainland China. While death waves and the delta variant were avoided, the more transferable Omicron brings a reckoning with it.

“I never thought Covid Zero was a viable strategy” as it is impossible to a. to eliminate respiratory virus that is spreading efficiently, said Amesh Adalja, a senior scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security in Baltimore. “Omicron is the variant that will really undo the idea of ​​Covid Zero for those who hold onto it irrationally.” The tentacles of the virus are already snaking through the city. About two dozen currently known broadcasts in the city have been linked to international travelers, mostly flight crew members of Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., who were allowed to skip strict quarantine requirements. Healthcare workers follow at least three separate chains of transmission.


08. January 2022 – 11: 56

The Australian treasurer tests positive for Covid-19 as the cases have hit a record

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said he tested positive for Covid-19 and joined another top government officials in contracting the disease when the daily infection rate of an Omicron variant outbreak topped 100,000 for the first time / p>

“Like thousands of Australians today, I tested positive for Covid-19,” wrote Frydenberg in a short message that he posted on Twitter and Facebook late Friday.

08. January 2022 – 10:50

Dutch people scream and smash to let off Covid anger

How do you deal with Covid frustration? Some in the Netherlands destroy cars and scream to vent their anger

08. January 2022 – 10:47 a.m.

Omicron drives hospital stays in the US to record highs

Covid-19 hospital admissions in the US are on the verge of a new record high, since the high contagious Omicron variant is fueling an increase in infections.

08. January 2022 – 10:16 am

US forces in South Korea raise Covid-19 warning amid record infections

The US forces in Korea ( USFK) set off their health alarm on Saturday after posting the highest weekly number of new coronavirus infections at 682.

The new cases bring the total number of infections to 3,027. The US armed forces said nearly 90% of their soldiers, families and other loved ones have been vaccinated.

In neighboring Japan, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said Friday the government would cut the curbs in three Tighten regions that host U.S. military bases to contain a spike in Covid-19 that some officials said the bases helped recharge.

08. January 2022 – 10:10 AM

Djokovic prepares the Australian visa challenge while the vaccine turmoil mounts

Number one in tennis, Novak Djokovic , held back on his third day in Australian immigration detention on Saturday when a guilt game between Australian authorities over handling Covid-19 vaccine exemptions gained momentum.