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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Severe lockdowns no longer best: Africa health chief

06. January 2022 – 07:36

China warns hospitals to refuse patients because of Covid-19 restrictions as cases decline

China reported fewer Covid – 19 cases on Friday as multiple cities restricted movements while a senior official warned hospitals not to turn down patients after a woman’s miscarriage sparked outrage during a lockdown in Xian City.

06. January 2022 – 07:05

Is wearing a mask for long periods of time bad for my health?

Wearing a mask in public is part of the “new normal “” We are alive, but could wearing a mask for hours pose a threat to our health?

According to the Ministry of Health, covering the nose and mouth with a die for long periods of time is Mask causes no carbon dioxide poisoning or insufficient oxygen in healthy people.

“Healthcare workers routinely wear masks for long periods of time when performing their duties,” it says.

January 06 2022 – 06:59

Sydney Omicron ou tbreak could peak by the end of January, as modeling shows

The Omicron outbreak in Australia’s most populous state could peak by the end of January, as official modeling on Friday showed n when the authorities put some restrictions in a. reintroduced trying to slow the record surge in infections.

After containing the virus through lockdowns and strict border rules at the beginning of the pandemic, Australia now has far higher infection rates than anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific region.

New South Wales (NSW) Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet has postponed non-urgent operations and reinstated bans on singing and dancing in clubs and pubs, including Sydney, the state’s capital and home of more than 5 million people.


06. January 2022 – 6:50 am

Covid-19 shots, tests drive Walgreens sales

Walgreens Boots Alliance has raised its adjusted earnings growth forecast for the full year, saying that it expects to deliver 5 million more Covid-19 vaccines as the fast-spreading Omicron variant acr. rages USA

06. January 2022 – 06:43

China sees Covid-19 cases across the country, even after the fall of Xi’an

China through delta Variants of fueled Covid-19 outbreak shows no signs of easing as cases are now surfacing elsewhere in the country and Shenzhen Technology Center is on high alert, despite a drop in recent epicenter Xi’an.

06. January 2022 – 6:30 am

The public schools in Chicago are canceling classes at the Covid-19 teacher stoppage

Chicago Public Schools, the third largest US educational district, canceled classes for a second day on Thursday when teachers called for tougher Covid-19 protections despite city officials insisting schools are safe.

The stalemate, with around 340,000 students idling, came after the teachers’ union voted for the reintroduction of virtual classes and pushed for stricter security protocols, including more comprehensive testing, citing the rapid spread of the highly contagious Omicr on variant in recent weeks. span>

While most public school districts in the US have reopened campuses for the new year, the education systems in some major cities, including Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit, have opted for online learning or delayed return to classroom plans due to staff shortages and concerns from Omicron.

The United States as a whole reported nearly 700,000 new Covid-19s on Wednesday Infections, the third highest total recorded to date, just two days after the record number of nearly 1 million cases on Monday.

In addition to disrupting schools, the increase has also affected air traffic, live Entertainment, courts, and other jobs while health systems across the country are under heavy strain.

Experts say that while Omicron is more contagious, it is less likely to cause serious illness and death than earlier variants. But the sheer volume of new cases has driven Covid-19 hospital admissions skyrocketing, even as more and more medical staff are marginalized by the disease.


06. January 2022 – 06:15 am

India’s new Covid-19 cases hit the seven-month high of 117,100

India reported 117,100 new Covid-19 cases on Friday, the most since In early June, as the Omicron variant overtakes Delta in cities.

The Ministry of Health also reported 302 new deaths, bringing the total to 483,178. The total number of infections is 35.23 million.


06. January 2022 – 6:00 am

Heavy bans are no longer the best: Africa’s chief health officer

John Nkengasong, director of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said, Heavy lockdowns are no longer the best way to contain Covid-19