Dec 9, 2021

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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | SIU guns for ‘inflated’ profits of Gauteng Covid school cleaning firms

25. November 2021 – 07:00

Do I get a shopping voucher if I get vaccinated?

Citizens from 50 years of age, Those who take the vaccine will be rewarded with an R100 food voucher after receiving the vaccination.

The Vooma vaccination voucher < / strong> Initiative was introduced by the health department this month to ensure that as many people as possible aged 50 and over are vaccinated before the fourth Covid-19 wave.

25 . November 2021 – 06:20

How can the pandemic be defeated? Work together fairly and do it now

After almost two years, the Covid inferno is still burning. Several countries are experiencing a fifth wave of high transmission. Others have their highest daily case numbers since the pandemic began. Low- and middle-income countries – where vaccination rates are often very low – have significant deaths.

The trends are in both countries with adequate vaccination doses and in those with scarce supplies. Many of them are in Africa, where over 97% of the population is still not vaccinated. These countries cannot get the vaccine they need because the manufacturers’ delivery commitments are not being met as planned. They can provide vaccines to their populations, but simply don’t have enough doses to meet needs.

25. November 2021 – 06:15

SIU weapons for “excessive” profits from Gauteng Covid school cleaning companies

Tribunal hears, how a number of companies not on a cleaning and sanitation database benefited from bloated contracts

25. November 2021 – 06:00

TOM EATON | Given Vaxx: Covid numbers don’t lie – vaccines save lives

As the fourth wave approaches, 16.8 million doses of the vaccine are waiting to save lives here in South Africa