Oct 21, 2021

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COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Three Vatican Swiss Guards resign after Covid-19 vaccination request

07. October 2021 – 08:00

Detained migrants receive Covid vaccines

Officials in western Libya arrested 4,000 migrants in overcrowded centers in and around the capital last week Tripoli.

While activists say conditions in these centers are poor and unsanitary, Libyan officials – with the support of the United Nations Migration Agency – launched a vaccination campaign against Covid-19 this week .

Libya is an important transit point for people fleeing war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East and hoping to get to Europe. Malik Traina from Al Jazeera reports from Tripoli, Libya.

07. October 2021 – 07:30

UIF asks rejected R350 applicants to appeal to Sassa

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has rejected applicants R350 Welfare Assistance Asked to Appeal Decision to SA Security Agency (Sassa)

This week the fund said those rejected due to UIF registration should Appeal the decision on the SRD website instead of going to the Department of Labor.

“Once your appeal has been lodged, we will review it Sassa your employment status with the UIF and the result will be communicated, “said UIF.

07. October 2021 – 7:00 am

I am planning to get pregnant soon. Is it safe for me to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

The J&J and Pfizer vaccines are safe for women who are pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) says pregnant women should be encouraged to get vaccinated against Covid-19 during routine prenatal and postnatal visits.

It recommends health care professionals to discuss the risks and benefits of vaccination with those planning a pregnancy

“These discussions should highlight the, albeit small, increased risk of serious illness in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women, as well as the Confirmation of the increasing evidence of the safety of vaccines in pregnant and breastfeeding women, the strong immune response after vaccination and the benefits of immune transmission to the baby, as well as the ongoing safety monitoring of vaccine use in pregnancy ”, it says.

07. October 2021 – 6:45 am

Chilean tree could be the key to the next Covid-19 vaccine cine

Forest experts are maintaining a plantation on a dusty dirt road in the Chilean region of Casablanca with seedlings of the Quillay trees, technically known as Quillaja Saponaria, whose bark promises the promise of potent Covid-19 vaccines when supplies last.

07. October 2021 – 06:30

Three Vatican Swiss Guards resign after Covid-19 vaccination application – Report

Three members of the Vatican The Swiss Guard, the brightly dressed elite corps that protects the Pope, has decided to resign instead of being vaccinated against Covid-19, reported the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneva.

After the introduction of the new Covid-19 by the Holy See, three Swiss guardsmen are “voluntary” A spokesman for the corps said until they were fully vaccinated, the spokesman said.

A spokesman for the Swiss Guard did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

A health certificate with proof of immunity to Covid -19 has been required for entry into the Vatican since October 1st. The so-called Green Pass – originally intended to travel between European universities across countries – shows that someone has been vaccinated, tested negative or recently recovered from the coronavirus.

The Swiss Guard, together with the gendarmes of the Vatican working in the immediate vicinity of the Pope must provide proof of a complete vaccination as opposed to a negative test.

Almost all guards are single men who live in barracks just outside the gates of the Vatican. Commanders and married members live in separate apartments. All members are Swiss citizens.

Four of them tested positive for Covid-19 in October last year.


October 07 2021 – 06:15 am

Pfizer study to vaccinate entire Brazilian city against Covid-19

Pfizer Inc will investigate the effectiveness of its vaccine against Covid-19 by the The entire population will be vaccinated over the age of 12 in a city in southern Brazil, the company said on Wednesday.

The study will be conducted in Toledo, with 143,000 residents in western Parana state, along with the Brazilian National Vaccination Program carried out on site by health authorities, a hospital and the federal university.

The purpose was to investigate the behavior of Covid-19 after vaccination of the population in a “real scenario”.

“The initiative is the first and only of its kind to be developed in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company in e in a developing country, “said Pfizer.


07. October 2021 – 0 6:00

Booster-Shot improves the immune response of chemotherapy patients; Post-Covid Depression Supported by Widely Used Drugs

Below is a summary of some recent studies on Covid-19. This includes research that warrants further studies to confirm the results and that has yet to be confirmed by peer reviews.

Chemo patient response to vaccine improves with booster A new study helps in quantifying the improved protection against Covid-19 with a third booster vaccine from Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

“Chemotherapy can weaken cancer patients’ ability to fight off infection and respond appropriately to vaccines,” said Deepta Bhattacharya of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, co-author of in Nature Medicine published study