Sep 19, 2021

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Crime intelligence clerk bust for tipping off drug dealers about police raid

A former detective was brought to justice for allegedly alerting suspected drug dealers to police operations.

The 41-year-old former employee appeared with a 32-year-old suspected drug dealer.

Hawks spokesman Nomthandazo Mnisi said the Serious Organized Crime Directorate investigative team cracked down on the duo on Friday. They appeared in court the same day on charges of corruption and denial of indictment against the end of justice.

“The arrests date back to a takedown operation in April 2021 that involved eight suspects were arrested on allegations of drug trafficking, “said Mnisi.

” The investigation team found that the former police inspector reportedly disclosed information about a planned takedown operation to one of the prime suspects.

“It is further alleged that the prime suspect passed the same information on to other suspects in order to warn them.”