Feb 7, 2023

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CRIME STATS | Kidnappings have increased by more than 100%

From January to March this year, 3,306 kidnappings were reported.

This is an increase of 109.2% or 1,580 cases compared to the same point last year, according to Police Minister Bheki Cele’s quarterly crime statistics on Friday morning before Parliament.

According to the presentation, every province has seen an increase in this crime, with Gauteng being the most reported case and recording the largest increase from the same time last year, at 1,563 cases and an increase of 198 .3% up from 524 in 2021.

Kempton Park Police Station recorded the highest number of kidnapping incidents with 56 reports, compared to seven reports in 2021.

Mpumalanga reported 304 kidnappings this year , a 137.5% increase from 128 reports last year, followed by KwaZulu-Natal at 703, a 99.7% increase from 372.

The Western Cape recorded the lowest quarterly at 209 Increase in kidnapping cases, up from 193, a difference of 8.3%.

Hijacking was the main reason for this and kidnappings during this period with 2,849 incidents.

This was followed by robberies with 1,147 incidents and rape-related incidents with 465.

There were 78 ransom-related kidnappings 32 were reported in Gauteng, followed by Limpopo with 10 and nine in Free State.

During these To date, 12 cases of human trafficking have been reported, seven of them in Gauteng.

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