Sep 25, 2022

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DA urges Cape Town residents to reject Operation Dudula

Prosecutors have urged Cape Town residents to oppose Operation Dudula after it was launched in the city.

Members of the controversial movement made their way through the Cape Town CBD over the weekend to expand its campaign against foreigners.

The movement said documented migrants doing menial labor would also not be spared.

< p>“I think SA as a whole isgatvolof foreign national affairs. In the colored locations, they have sent requests for Operation Dudula to go ahead because they are also sick and tired,” said Zandile Dubula, National Secretary of Operation Dudula.

” There are a few white business owners in the Cape Town CBD who are requesting Operation Dudula because foreigners have taken over their businesses.”

DA Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliamentarian Ricardo Mackenzie said, Operation Dudula is part of a worrying trend of xenophobia and Afrophobia spreading across South Africa.

“We call on all residents of the Western Cape to stand up against hatred, intolerance and Vigilantes used by xenophobic organizations and politicians for cheap politics and short-term gain,” Mackenzie said.

He said immigrants should not be the scapegoat for unemployment, corruption and mismanagement of laws of enforcement and lack of provision of basic services.

“The blame for these challenges should not be placed on the immigrants who come to the Western Cape in search of a better life for themselves.” /span>

“Foreign nationals are not the problem that ANC is. Using immigrants as scapegoats sets a dangerous precedent and will lead us down a ruthless path seen in many other countries throughout history,” he said.

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Mackenzie said government failure and corruption at the Home Office are contributing to distrust of foreigners, even those who have entered the country are SA legal.

“Our constitution is the foundation of our country and provides us with the foundations to create a society with open opportunities for all. In it, the Bill of Rights grants every individual equal and inalienable rights before the law, regardless of race, religion, culture, wealth or origin.”

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