Feb 7, 2023

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Dad who allegedly poisoned his children and the family dog ‘does not know what came over him’

A man from Ratanda near Heidelberg in Gauteng, who allegedly poisoned four of his five children and killed three of them, is said to have said he had no idea what happened to him.

The man is in hospital afterwards He was found unconscious at their home shortly after his children collapsed and died at their schools on Thursday morning.

“A relative visited him at the hospital and she came back with a report, in to whom she said this was able to treat him and he is speaking now. She said he said he was very sorry, he had no idea what happened… He said he had no idea what came over him,” said family spokesman Johannes Khoabane.

< p>He said the family is in pain following the tragic death of the three children.

Khoabane addressed the media as Gauteng’s MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the grieving family on Friday morning.

The children who died are Lehlogonolo Khoabane, 16, and Katleho Khoabane, 13, who were both students at Khanya Lesedi Secondary, where they died, and Tebogo Nqcongwane, aged six, who died at Ratanda Primary School. Neo Khoabane, 11, a student from the same primary school, is still in critical condition in hospital.

Khoabane said: “We don’t know what spirit possessed the father to make a decision to do what he did. He [allegedly] bought an energy drink and mixed it with [rat poison]. It’s like he checked to see if the mother was going first because he did after she left for work.

“He took the energy drink and poured it out for the four children to drink.”

A fifth child, who survived the ordeal unharmed, had refused the drink and said , he is fine,

The Khoabane family said after the children left school, their father allegedly also gave the family dog ​​the deadly drink and attempted suicide.

< p>“When the father saw the community outside, he made the decision to hurt himself. He wanted to kill himself. He couldn’t. He drank pills, so many to overdose. He took a bottle and broke it, cutting his throat. He stabbed his hands and thighs and tried to kill himself too,” Khoabane claimed.

He said the family still needs answers.

The children’s mother was confused as to what she might have led to the tragic incident.

Khoabane explained how the boys’ teachers tried to save their lives when they collapsed in their schools on Thursday.

“All the teachers tried to help the children, even the ambulance came and tried to help, but there was no help they could offer.”

Lesufi expressed his “hurt” at the tragic event Expressed.

“Death has visited us again. Not a week goes by that we don’t have to go to a family to offer our condolences. It was a difficult time as a department, we lost our children and we visited families, which is the hardest thing when families leave their children with us,” he said.

Lesufi said the professionals were watching Please continue to monitor the situation in the schools and continue to provide the necessary assistance.

“I was hurt and I will be hurt and I think I will be for quite a while. Losing three children at the same time is not easy, worse when they come from the same family.”

Police said Thursday the father, who was taken to hospital under police guard, was at risk of murder Charge of attempted murder. .

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