Sep 21, 2021

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Declined for the R350 grant? Here’s why and how to appeal

While the SA Social Service Agency (Sassa) grants approved beneficiaries emergency social assistance (SDR) grants of R350, some are still having difficulty with the application process.

Some applications are denied if they reflect that the applicant owes a pending UIF payment, is a beneficiary of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme ( NSFAS), or is employed, unless many do not.

< p> “ I can’t believe that you rejected my application because the internship was long over. If your system is this authentic, it must be able to track the contract period and the termination date. Otherwise you put the most deserving people at a disadvantage, who try to get jobs every day, “wrote Twitter user @BonganiMajolall.

Phoebe Ntsomi’s first attempt at application was like the sassa system unsuccessful stated that she had received UIF payments that had long expired at the time the application was submitted.

“My application was rejected because I had my UIF payments until last November. I requested another exam this morning at 3:30 a.m. and it was successful. Sassa needs to work hand in hand with the Department of Labor to review all dismissals from UIF, ”she said.

TimesLIVE reached out to the agency with questions from applicants.

Here you can find out why your application can be rejected and what you can do about it:

Can your application be rejected When do you have a pending UIF payment?

Yes. Beneficiaries who are eligible for a UIF payment can be refused. Sassa said applicants should check with the fund to see if they have any outstanding payments and consider reapplying for the Covid-19 scholarship.

If you’ve recently lost your job and your unemployment status Doesn’t reflect, can your application be denied?

Yes. The agency said applicants who are newly unemployed but their application is denied can request a re-examination and Sassa will perform a means test.

“Re-examination applications will continue to be considered by screening whether funds greater than R595 are flowing into the customer’s bank account. The exception would be if the funds are from a child-related Sassa scholarship, “said the agency.

Your application may be denied because you have an “alternative income” or are an NSFAS beneficiary?

The grant is aimed exclusively at unemployed people and carers who only receive the state grants for the children they care for. The agency said that if the system incorrectly states that an applicant is an NSFAS beneficiary, they can request a re-examination.

“The agency uses information provided by multiple institutions, including that r UIF, SA Revenue Service, NSFAS and banks others to verify income from alternative sources, “Sassa said.

What does” Identity Verification Failed “mean? How can you fix this in order to receive the scholarship?

This means that the applicant’s personal information such as names and ID numbers do not match the contents the database for heart. Applicants can correct this on the Sassa website under the “Request Name and Last Name Update” tab.