May 29, 2022

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Defence alleges Meyiwa crime scene was ‘contaminated’ and ‘staged’

The attorney representing four of the five men accused of murdering Bafana Bafana player Senzo Meyiwa claimed in court that the crime scene was contaminated and staged as a result of a meeting with senior officials at the home.

Attorney Malesela Teffo has claimed that what Sgt. Thabo Mosiah entered on October 26, 2014 – the night of the murder – was not a true reflection of what happened.

” [Brigadier] Ndlovu was there to guide you. They were managed and that means the crime scene was tampered with,” he said.

Teffo asked how Mosia, who is a forensic expert, was managed by Ndlovu.

He Emphasizing Mosia’s submission and affidavit that when Brig Ndlovu arrived at the scene, “pointed out important points that he photographed,” Teffo said, “I told you that the evidence you gathered on both occasions, all were staged. When you arrived you found what you found. It was put together on purpose and you weren’t aware of it, you were doing your job. You were not aware that these things were being planted.”

Among the important items Mosiah was “pointed at” was a hat that was said to have been dropped at the scene.

< p>The hat, according to witnesses, was worn by Meyiwa’s gunman.

While the gunman was allegedly a man with dreadlocks, DNA results have come back and revealed that the hat contained DNA from a woman contained.


The five defendants in this matter are Muzikawukhulelwa Sibiya, Bongani Sandiso Ntanzi, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, Mthokoziseni Maphisa and Sifisokuhle Nkani Ntuli.

They all have each other of first degree murder, attempted murder, robbery in aggravated circumstances, possession of firearms without a license and possession of ammunition, all in connection with the murder of Meyiwa.

Teffo claimed that Ndlovu, based on a meeting held at the home held among seniors, rights to the house were granted to provincial officials.

“ So when you got there, you found him. If you didn’t find the family members, Ndlovu was given the rights of the house to rule,” he said.

Mosiah stressed that when he moved, he lost three wives, found two men and two children in the living room to a bedroom in the house, he tried to control the movement of everyone in the house so they wouldn’t contaminate the crime scene.

He admitted he wasn’t sure whether the two men had been locked in the bedroom as he ordered.

When asked where the picture of said bedroom was in the photo album entered as evidence, he said it was not a crime scene , suggesting that he did not photograph it.

“There were never any people here, you just blinded us,” Teffo said.

Teffo also claimed that that people were in the house when the incident happened not in the house but in Mulbarton, a townhouse where Khuma slept lo was staying with Meyiwa.

Mosiah said, “Maybe that happened after I left.”

Teffo asked the time of the shooting, claiming that it happened earlier, as the state says.

“I have received a disclosure regarding this matter, there is a witness who happens to be the neighbor who heard the shot around the past 7:00 p.m.”, Teffo told the court.

Teffo asked a question, asking Mosiah if he was aware of another case outside of the case that addressed the same matter and had been opened with the same charges, but one indictment added the failure of the judiciary regarding the alleged tampering with the crime scene.

Mosiah said he was unaware.

“And in this case, the suspects charged would be the people who were in that house and who saw Senzo when he sustained the injury until he was hospitalized us succumbed. I have a document of agreement for seven people who were in the house – it was arranged with five counts,” he said.

Attorney George Baloyi objected to the way the document was submitted in evidence .

“I’m not sure what probative value it will have, but it was still at an investigative stage or at an early stage that was never completed,” he said.

< p>Baloyi told the court that the document could come in draft form.

“Hopefully, as promised, the evidence will be presented at a later date,” he said.

In the Meanwhile, the state earlier filed a motion against cross-examination.

Baloyi said Mosiah should only be questioned about what he testified about.

Baloyi submitted this opinion to the court as evidence regarding DNA and ballistics evidence outside of Mosia’s expertise must be removed from the record.

< p>While Judge Tshifhiwa Maumela agreed, she pointed out that most of the objections should have been held period.

In a turn of events, Teffo was arrested shortly after the matter was postponed to May 30th was.

TimeLIVE understands that he was arrested for failing to appear in court in a matter in which he is charged and is charged with trespassing and assault.

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