Dec 4, 2022

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Delayed phone call not enough, says father of Stellenbosch student

The father of the victim involved in the Stellenbosch racist incident says he has no immediate intention of meeting his counterpart – the father of the student accused of torturing his son.

Mkuseli Kaduka told TimesLIVE on Thursday that before a meeting takes place, he wants the police and the university to complete their investigation into the incident at the university’s Huis Marais dormitory on Sunday.

Theuns you Toit urinated on the desk and laptop of fellow first-year agriculture student Babalo Ndwayana in an act the 20-year-old from the Eastern Cape claimed was racially motivated.

Kaduka said he expected to obtain some form of apology either from the perpetrator or from his father immediately after the incident.

“Therefore I have delayed bringing charges against him [Theuns du Toit]. I was expecting an adult to contact me [immediately] and for us to have a reasonable discussion,” said Kaduka.

Instead, he just got a call from Rudi du Toit, general manager of a Worcester Wine farm, on Wednesday. “You were silent. It was disappointing that the father did not reach out to me, the aggrieved parent, [earlier]. Maybe some sympathy would have been shown,” Kaduka said.

Kaduka also expressed his disappointment in a Facebook post Thursday, which read, “Rumors are circulating that I am with the perpetrator’s family meet to reconcile with them.

“I received a call from the boy’s father who was trying to plead his son’s case as any parent would.”

“There is certain forces driving their agenda and maintaining false information.

“I have no intention of meeting with the Du Toits, although they would like me to. I am very committed to seeing this fight through to the end.

“If I get anything out of this [should be] restoring my child’s dignity and confronting the perpetrator with what what is due to him . I will neither give up nor give in in my quest for justice.”

In a previous interview with Netwerk24, Rudi du Toit said he hopes to be reconciled with Kaduka: “As parents, we are ready to walk a path together to go to reach a reconciliation and settle the matter nicely.”

But Kaduka said he wants the law to run its course. “My only involvement would be to ask to meet with the university and get a promise from them that they would deal with it quickly and decisively and go to the police station and see how far they got with their investigation.

“What’s stopping them from making an arrest?”

The racing drama overshadowed Wednesday night’s inauguration of new university chancellor Edwin Cameron, a former Supreme Court justice.

In In In his speech, Cameron said he was deeply ashamed of the incident. “I was wracked with grief, ashamed as a man and as a white man that things like this can still happen. But it also gave me a renewed determination that we can do better,” Cameron said at the event.

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