Dec 8, 2022

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Didn’t collected your R350 grant at the post office? Here’s how to access your money

After the SA Post Office (Sapo) stopped paying the R350 Social Emergency Assistance (SRD) grant, beneficiaries will need to use supermarkets or ATMs to access the funds.< /p>

Sapo announced this week that it will no longer pay the subsidy through its stores, saying the move will help reduce long queues at its stores. It added Thursday that “cash challenges” prevent it from disbursing grants at its branches.

Where can I pick up my grant?< /strong>

You can collect your grant at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers or USAve stores.

Sapo and the SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) advise those who receive the scholarship to choose this payment option in their applications when applying for the scholarship.

Those who apply for it have chosen to receive their funds from Sapo branches are asked to do so Visit and select an option, to get the grant from any of the supermarkets mentioned.

“Customers who have unclaimed Covid-19 SRD grants of R350 at Sapo/Postbank can pick them up at any of the retail stores,” Sassa said /span>

How do I get my scholarship?

Sassa said those applying for the scholarship authorized are given a PIN so they can transfer sact at the nearest supermarket or ATM.

Sassa staff will also help you access services and ensure correct information is entered provided.

“All customers are reminded that they can use the Sassa/Sapo card at any retail store or ATM. Customers can either withdraw the cash they want or use the card to shop for goods. Any balance remaining on the card is secure and can be accessed at any time. There’s no need to withdraw all the cash at once,” says Sassa.

What do I need to take with me?

If you go to supermarkets to collect the funds, you need to have your ID card and the mobile phone you registered when applying for the grant, as the OTP number will be sent to the registered number.

“All applicants for the scholarship are encouraged to update their details in the system to have the scholarship transferred to their own bank account as this is the safest way to receive the funds. ”

Sassa said it will continue to engage with communities and local leaders — traditional leaders and/or council members — to inform those who receive the grant about options they have have to access their funds.