Sep 20, 2021

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Digital vaccination certificates just a week away, says health ministry

In one week, all vaccinated South Africans will be entitled to a digital vaccination card, which, according to the Ministry of Health, is “currently in development”.

Health Minister Dr. Joe Phaahla: “We have started developing the digital vaccination card, which is protected against fraud.”

He said the new certificates can be uploaded to a smartphone and also printed out.

“This is in line with the initiative of the World Health Organization to standardize vaccination records worldwide.” he said, “and within a week this should be available to those vaccinated in South Africa.”

Once the certificate is available, it will be so for “everyone who who has been fully vaccinated as long as his data appears in the EVDS [Electronic Vaccination Data System], “he explained.

In other words, it will not just be for vac cines, but anyone who is fully vaccinated, regardless of how long it has been.

Amid the debates on compulsory vaccination, the minister said: “We have no intention of denying this to people without a certificate have access to public services, but it could be used for entertainment venues, sports venues and the like. ”

He said the department also aims to incorporate voter registration into the vaccination campaign “And that all voters and candidates are strongly advised to get vaccinated to ensure” safe governance A further change is that the self-booking system is now activated and the vaccinated can choose the date, time and place of their choice. “At this point, however, you can’t choose whether you want J&J or Pfizer on the system,” said Phaahla.

Currently third wave of Covid-19 in the country, he said, “We are steadily getting out of the grip of this third wave,” but that doesn’t mean people should lose their vigilance.

National gave there was a 24% decrease in new cases compared to the average for the past seven days, but only Gauteng and Limpopo have officially come out of the third wave.

The incidence of cases is in Northern Cape and higher in the Free State, and although KwaZulu-Natal has had the highest percentage of all national infections lately, the minister said he was surprised it was the Western Cape on Thursday.

< p> Over a period of seven days, hospitalization has decreased by 10% and the positivity rate (positive cases in all tests) is down to 12%, compared to its mid-July high of 35%.

However, this is still going to double what the World Health Organization recommends as a safety barrier, which is that the positivity rate is below 5%.

Since Thursday, the minister said, SA has officially lost more than 84,000 people to Covid-19.