Jan 25, 2022

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Do I need to re-test for Covid-19 before returning to work?

If an employee has been diagnosed with Covid-19, an employer may not allow them to return to work until after the mandatory 10 days of self-isolation.

According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD ), which said the employee may need to undergo a medical exam to confirm that they are fit for work.

“It is currently not recommended,” said the NICD.

“One Person is considered safe to return to their job and break self-isolation when they are no longer contagious. This means that they developed their first symptoms more than 10 days ago and have not had any symptoms for at least three days (72 hours). However, getting back to work will depend on the patient’s clinical health. ”

The NICD said people who quarantined themselves because they had contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 and completed their 10 -day isolation phase without symptoms can go back to work on day 11.

“It is not necessary to be tested before returning to work. However, it is recommended that you continue to practice social distancing, good hygiene and wear a surgical mask as a precaution, “it reads.

The institute also said it was common for people to continue to have symptoms for. have longer than the 10-day period and full recovery can take several weeks.

“Patients who are still symptomatic at the end of their isolation period can be de-isolated provided their fever has subsided (without the Taking antipyretic) and their symptoms have improved. If symptoms persist, the worker should see a doctor, “said the NICD.