Aug 1, 2021

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Doctor bust for breaching curfew says he will do it to attend emergencies

An ear, nose and throat specialist spent Friday night at the Edenvale Police Department holding cells with four other people. He was accused of violating the Covid-19 curfew.

But, the doctor said, he was handling a medical emergency in the West Rand.

Dr. Ivan Jardine, who lives in Kensington, east of Johannesburg, had spent late Friday afternoons and evenings in Quellerina, west of Johannesburg, looking after his aunt – whom he described as the oldest surviving family member. She is in her early 80s and needed medical attention.

Jardine said after receiving a call from a cousin Friday afternoon that his aunt needed medical treatment and there was no help nearby, he drove to Quellerina to attend to his aunt who was dehydrated.

Jardine said he left Quellerina after 9:00 pm.

“In Eastgate, the police stopped me and asked for one Permit and ID. I said I was a doctor. They didn’t believe me, “Jardine said.

He said he told them that a hospital he worked at wasn’t far from his Arrest is removed.

Jardine said that after his arrest, he called everyone he knew who could confirm that he was a doctor, including the head of the hospital, and called his friends.

At 11.30pm on Friday, he said he was interviewed by a detective who set bail of R2,000.

“I said I had no cash.”

Jardine stayed in the cell.

Jardine didn’t get his cell phone back until 2am and a family member came with the bail and he was released at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Jardine’s attorney appeared on his behalf on Monday and the case was postponed until August 5th for further investigation.

“No doctor needs a doctor Emergency a permit. If the same emergency arises, I would do the same. No government, no police officer can stop us from doing our duty when an emergency call comes in, “Jardine said.

He said the police officers who arrested him under Covid-19 regulations were stuck He and four other people in a small cell where he could be infected with Covid-19.

“I said I could bring Covid-19 in there,” said Jardine.

Jardine said the two police officers arrested him completely lacked compassion.

“Social media exposed this. The people are outraged. We need to uncover that now. Other colleagues could be affected, ”said Jardine.

Jardine said he expected the case to close on Monday.