Jul 26, 2021

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Durban bakery to probe inflated bread prices, some as high as R40 a loaf

BB Bakeries will initiate an investigation into inflated bread prices allegedly paid by Durban residents from the company’s truck drivers and local tuck shops.

The Durban bakery that operates On Friday, after being hit by riot and looting – a message on its Facebook page said: “Regarding price increases and the sale of bread directly from trucks to the public, we would like to inform our BB Bakeries community that our bread the price has not changed and we will investigate any scenario where bread is being sold at inflated prices.

“If you encounter illegal activity or have details about it (area, driver and / or vehicle information), please notify us so we can investigate. ”

The notice was in response to a flurry of complaints from Durban residents saying they had between Paid R20 and R40 for a loaf after bread became a scarce staple in the past week.

“I bought a loaf at the local tuck store for R20. When I asked them why, they said it was because it is hard to get bread these days. I bought it anyway, “said one resident in response to BB Bakeries’ mail.

Another complained:” These prices are killing us. If you buy bread for R 30, prices go up every day. “

One resident said to say” take it or leave it “of a shopkeeper who sells bread for R 40 a loaf.

“I bought bread from a BB Bakeries truck that was parked in a Shell garage on Higginson Highway for R30 a loaf. That’s ridiculous,” said another resident.