Jan 25, 2022

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Durban beaches reopen as tests show harmless hyacinths caused murky water

Hyacinth plants caused the temporary closure of some Durban beaches on Wednesday.

The eThekwini community said the affected beaches – including North Bay, Battery, Country Club 1 & 2, eThekwini and Laguna – are all reopened for swimming and other activities on Thursday.

The beaches were closed after “abnormal” cloudy water was drained from the Umgeni River.

But “after the tests were done.” , the city has been opening all beaches that were closed yesterday with immediate effect.

“According to the results, the water is free of any pollution that can be life-threatening.

” The water was cloudy because of the naturally occurring hyacinths in the water. It usually rises in the summer months.

“The city would like to thank the public for heeding their warnings.”

According to Science Direct, water hyacinths are an invasive plant leavening agent Found n waters around the world. They are known to block sunlight and reduce oxygen levels in water systems, which lowers water quality.