Nov 28, 2021

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Durban consumers urged to use water sparingly as repairs continue on malfunctioning pump

Following Eskom’s announcement of the return of load shedding, Durban residents were urged to reduce their water consumption.

The eThekwini municipality announced on Wednesday that Umgeni Water, their major water supplier, has been running since last A pump failure occurred on Thursday at one of its most important locations.

“The employees are working around the clock to rectify the failure so that all consumers can be supplied with full water again as quickly as possible,” it said.

“During the repairs we are experiencing water shortages in the central, southern and northern water systems.

“ eThekwini has launched numerous programs to maintain and ration the water supply in the utility systems.

“Areas that are temporarily supplied with water are supplied by tank trucks.

” The community calls on the population to use water sparingly. With the help of everyone we can conserve the available water reserves in this difficult time and keep them as long as possible. “