Aug 4, 2021

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Durban dock workers refuse to offload cargo from Israeli ship in stand against Palestine conflict

Labor movements joined the SA Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (SA BDS) coalition in the port of Durban on Friday to assist dockers who refused to unload cargo from an Israeli container ship to fight the conflict between Palestine and Move forward to Israel.

The protest follows a call by the Palestinian General Union of Trade Unions (PGFTU) to workers and unions to refuse to dump Israeli ships and goods in ports of entry.

Zim Shanghai

< p> More than 100 supporters, wearing t-shirts, sending messages of solidarity and singing “Free Palestine” attended the event protest.

It is part of a global series of actions against Zim Lines. The protests were also directed against Transnet and called on the SA ports to refuse the passage of goods to or from Israel.

Na’eem Jeenah of the SA BDS Coalition reiterated the Palestinians’ call for a global one Boycott and an alienation and sanctions campaign against Israel.

“We’re not sure what the cargo is, but the protest is against every Israeli ship that docks on the banks of the SA. Another dimension of the protest is the victory of the Palestinian resistance, particularly in Gaza, where a ceasefire went into effect this morning. Israel has not achieved any of its goals in Gaza, “said Jeenah.

Cosatu KwaZulu-Natal Secretary Edwin Mkhize said they are firmly against the senseless killing and mistreatment of Palestinian women and children in Israel.

He said the boycott of Israeli cargo in SA ports would send a “clear message” not to oppress the people of Palestine.

“As Cosatu, we are here to show our solidarity with them Promise to the Palestinian people. We say that the brutal killing of women and children by Israelis must stop. “